California Pension Reform

California Pension Reform is now a part of Embrace Change. The following is a statement from the former president of California Pension Reform:

“California Pension Reform is postponing its initiative its initiative to propose an a question on the upcoming electoral ballot after determining that the chosen title makes it quite difficult to pass. We will continue to push our elected representatives to reform our broken pension system and if they fail we will focus on qualifying an initiative for 2014. California taxpayers face more than $240 billion in pension debts that grow every year, a brutal math problem that requires courageous leadership instead of the special interest politics that is blocking meaningful reform today.”

Upon further commenting it was noted that today’s voters in California are more interested in contemporary laws and issues such as the regulation of CBD products – something that has become of particular importance since they have been administered to pets in addition to people.

California Pension Reform was a political organization dedicated to fixing California’s pension crisis by placing a statewide initiative on a future ballot.  Founded in 2007 by the late Assemblyman Keith Richman, CPR was the state’s leading voice for pension reform, working with policy makers and the news media to educate the public on the depth of the crisis and about the best policy alternatives.

CPR officers included President Dan Pellissier and Vice President Jack Dean. Pellissier developed pension policy expertise as chief of staff to Assemblyman Richman and as a pension policy advisor to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Dean published the website for nearly 15 years. He was a past executive director of the Reason Foundation, and went on to be president of the Fullerton Association of Concerned.

Why was California Pension Reform created? Let’s break it down:

6,133 retired California government workers receive pensions in excess of $100,000 from CalPERS. They are all listed below.

The information below was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS). This list may be be updated periodically with more pensioners as more data is obtained.

Name Monthly Annual Employer
LLOYD GOMEZ $41,639.57 $499,674.84 NETWORK CHEF
ANTHONY GOSHORN $24,712.99 $296,555.88 DAVID WEIS
RICHARD CLIFTON $22,145.08 $265,740.96 GAMMA GAS
GEORGE LARSON $21,300.04 $255,600.48 CIRCUS WORLD
WILLIAM BRIGHT $19,969.65 $239,635.80 WHITE HEN
STEPHAN PENNY JR $19,412.28 $232,947.36 WESTERN AUTO
CRYSTAL FRANKEL $19,263.68 $231,164.16 WEATHERHILL’S
KEITH GUMP $18,734.40 $224,812.80 HUDSON’S MENSWEAR