The Most Popular Pets Among United States Presidents

It’s not surprising to see a new President enters the White House with his family and his loyal furry companions. The presidential pets have always been a hot topic as many love to see what kind of four-legged friends will join the Oval Office. We have a look at some of the most popular pets of United States Presidents.

Barack Obama

President Obama promised his daughters a puppy in his victory speech. He came through with a male Portuguese Water Dog named Bo. The sweet dog was a present sent from Senator Ted Kennedy. The family then adopted a female dog, Sunny, another Portuguese Water Dog, this time a female named Sunny. While Portuguese Water Dogs are prone to hip dysplasia, there are ways to provide relief for it, and they truly make for adorable pets.

John Quincy Adams

The sixth President of the United States chose a unique pet to live in the White House. Adams’ wife, Louisa had silkworms. The family watched the silkworms lay their eggs then hatch them. After they raised the worms, they would harvest the silk. Louisa used silk to sew beautiful creations. No one knows what became of the silkworms when the Adams family left office.

Bill Clinton

Socks the cat is one of the most popular felines to live at the White House. President Clinton and his family enjoyed showing the black and white kitty to the world. The Clintons also had a chocolate Labrador Retriever named Buddy. Many people laugh at the stories of the cat and dog as they did not enjoy each other’s presence.

Theodore Roosevelt

President Roosevelt didn’t have just one or two pets. He had six children that loved animals. They brought in guinea pigs, birds, badgers, dogs, snakes, and cats. One time, they even brought the pony into the White House to cheer up one of his sick children. There is no question that this house was an exciting one.

Ronald Reagan

President Reagan didn’t enter the White House with any dogs. The family brought in a black Bouvier des Flanders named Lucky. She got a little too large and wild for the Oval Office, so she was sent to the family ranch. Then they welcomed a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rex. Their cats, Cleo and Sara, also lived at the ranch.

William Howard Taft

A cow wasn’t going to let any dog upstage him as a family pet. President Taft’s cow was named Pauline Wayne. She is known as the last cow to live there. She traveled throughout the country as a star of the political interviews. Caruso, a dog, also lived with Pauline Wayne at the White House.

Jimmy Carter

A sweet Border Collie mix joined the Carter family in the White House after a teacher gifted it to young Amy Carter. The dog, Grits, didn’t get along very well with their cat. The Siamese, Misty Malarky Ying Yang wasn’t very welcoming to the new pup. The dog eventually went back to live with Amy’s teacher.

Herbert Hoover

President Hoover actually had a few different dogs during his time as President. One of the most popular was King Tut, a Belgian Shepard. People were often amazed to see alligators on the White House lawn. These belonged to Hoover’s son.

John F. Kennedy

The Kennedy family is another Presidential family that loved their pets. They had dogs, hamsters, birds, cats, and rabbits. Arguably their most popular pet was Caroline’s little pony, Macaroni. Their Welsh Terrier, Charlie, was always President Kennedy’s sidekick.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

President Eisenhower has the honor of having a pet actually buried on the grounds of the White House. His pet parakeet, Gabby is buried there. Eisenhower also had a Weimaraner.