How To Design Your Very Own Oval Office At Home With A Trip To IKEA

The oval office is treated differently by each president, but the function of the pieces is fairly constant. There’s a desk with a desk chair, several table lamps, two side storage cupboards, two sofas, a coffee table, a few side chairs, a bookcase, and a large rug. Without the hassle of running for office, you can get useful products and create your own oval office.

The Desk

Depending on how tight your living space is, your office desk setup may need to be set in the corner, or you may need a desk that can easily be turned into a dining table. Finally, if you have a serious shortage in your square footage, consider a folding desk either a standalone or with additional shelving.

The Desk Chair

If you need a desk chair that will double as a dining room chair consider investing in conference table chairs for the most flexibility. Most of these chairs have arms as needed, but don’t have wheels. If you want a desk chair that rolls, a single piece with flared back is a great option if you like some color flexibility.

The Lamps

Decide if you need task lighting or area lighting. A lovely option for area lighting is a simple frosted glass cube with an LED light. It could work on a bookshelf or on a side table. For task or reading light, consider a floor lamp. Finally, if you have table space, there are many classic table lamps that can make your office look sharp and tidy.

Storage Cupboards

Your storage cupboard options can be shelving, a covered cupboard with solid doors, or a glass display cabinet. Like a lot of Ikea options, you can actually get all three of these in a complementary finish for a matched look.


A comfy three-seater sofa is a great option for any room. If your space is a bit snugger, you can still find a cozy loveseat to suit.

Coffee Table

One of the best things about Ikea is its ability to put a lot of use into a small footprint. A wonderful investment for your coffee table is a set of nesting tables. If you need more storage space than display options, put a small trunk to work in your space. 

Side Chairs

If you love the sofas from Ikea, the armchairs will thrill you. These pieces are elegant, slim, and tall enough off the floor to be easy to vacuum under. If you’ve got a patio near your living room, be sure to check out the Ikea armchairs that can work indoors or out!


While there are a lot of Ikea bookcase options, consider treating yourself to a combo bookcase that allows you some covered storage and some open. The linked unit is available in black, grey, and white, so it will be easy to decorate around.

A Large Rug

The rug in the oval office is quite large and has some critical markings that show off the purpose of the space. Your Ikea rug options are a bit simpler, but you might consider layering or stacking rugs. For example, you could start with a rectangular base and add a circular rug to suit the space.